EAI International

EAI International
24, Rue de Londres 75009 Paris - FRANCE
Europe - Africa - Asia- America

In an ever-changing economic environment, directors and others face increased responsibilities and financial risks.
We can put at your disposal the skills of teams of experienced and specialized professionals who you can trust to assist you in this difficult world.
The capacity of a major organization
EAI International has the resources to undertake financial projects of all types.
EAI International, in association with the Charter Group Partnership, has members in in Europe, Africa, Asia and America and is represented in all the major economic centers.
Audit reports are prepared under the responsibility of a member of professional association accepted by the IFAC (International Federation of Accountants).
What we offer
EAI International is a federation of more than 150 firms and can undertake a wide variety of tasks. We have 1.800 professionals available to you; each one is registered with a professional accountancy organisation.
With these resources, EAI International can offer a multidisciplinary approach and can supply the services of a wide variety of specialists. The members of EAI International are highest standing in their respective areas and put their expertise at your disposition.
Accountancy -Taxation -Audit
Financial management. Data processing consultancy. Business appraisal. Taxation. Business and corporate law. Transfer of companies. Recruitment and training of accounting staff. Management training.

Annual accounts
Mergers and acquisitions
Valuation of shares
Valuation of assets
Management accounts

Accounting advice
Implementation of accountancy systems
Review of the accounts department
Analysis and organization of information flow

Financial management
Cash flow forecasts
Financial analysis
Financial plans

Management training and Specific training
Human resources
Public relations and marketing
Business management

Expert advice on the taxation system
Tax planning
Conduct of tax disputes
Valuation for tax purposes

Data processing
Feasibility studies
Examination of processing systems
Staff training and development

Transfer of companies
Transfer of companies
Management buy cuts
Merger, acquisition, reconstruction

Business law
Contracts and leases
Incorporation, mergers, liquidation
Profit-sharing schemes

Statutory audit
Internal audit
Investigation for acquisitions
Preparation of prospectus
Specialised audits

Business appraisal
Corporate structures
Creation or acquisition of enterprises
Production evaluation
Determination of financial needs
Financial analysis, synthesis and opinion

Recruitment and training of accountancy staff
Assistance with the recruitment of professional staff
Training of professional staff


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